What is a suction fan and how does it work?

What is a suction fan and how does it work?

Did you know that fans are available as blowers and suckers? What is the function of a centrifugal suction fan or a blower fan? Sometimes industrial systems produce gases that cannot be evacuated due to their low speed. This lack of evacuation sometimes causes accidents. Such as when these gases accumulate in an environment and their pressure rises due to not being discharged to the extent that it may explode due to increased system pressure.

Sometimes the same trapped gases can damage other existing devices and cause suffocation in the system, damaging the products. To solve this problem, industrial fans have been designed that can remove these gases from the environment. We examine the different types of centrifugal and somewhat axial suction fans.


In addition to gases, contaminants that contain particles and dust can also be treated and ventilated by fans as well as the use of industrial filter bags. Fans are also used in non-industrial environments such as buildings, kitchens.

What is a blower fan?

Sometimes we may need to inject gas or steam into a system, in which case the blower fan can do the same. Fans can be made of materials such as steel, galvanized, PVC, ABS. Which can be used depending on the place of use of each of these types. For example, in acidic environments, it is better to use fans made of PVC, and also in humid environments, this material is a more suitable choice. Selecting and purchasing a melting furnace, centrifugal suction fan, and blower and axial requires specialized people.

Types of suction and blowing fans

Different industrial systems and environments have different pollutants and needs. In each of these factories, suction fans are needed, which can have different work and power. As a result, there are many types of fans, each of which has been able to do its job well. The types of these fans are:

  • Centrifugal suction fan
  • Axial fan
  • Axial wall fan
  • Utility fan
  • Plug fan
  • Poultry Exhaust Fan
  • Airfoil utility fan BAV series
  • Forward Utility Fan
  • Forward centrifugal fan
  • Double forward centrifuge fan
  • Blower fan
  • Bugward fan plug
  • Industrial kitchen exhaust fan
  • Axial Direct Fan

In this article, we look at a few of the more industrially used fans.

Centrifugal suction fan

Centrifugal suction fans are very powerful and can be used in places inside ventilation ducts of explosives or high temperature gases and even in acidic environments. There are different types of centrifugal fans, which are divided by the shape of the impeller. The space in which the impeller is placed is called the housing. The centrifugal or centrifugal suction fan is divided into three main categories based on the shape of the fan impeller inside the housing. The centrifugal fan is forward, backward and radial suction.

Forward centrifugal suction fan

Centrifugal fans, as their name implies, are round. This circular shape has a rotating path. In forward models, the impeller blades that are placed inside the housing are suction fans in the direction of their rotation. These fans have moderate suction power and are only good for air suction. This means that if the air that wants to pass through this fan has particles that may sit on the fan, this suction fan should not be used. Because it upsets its balance and lowers its efficiency and makes the sound production technique.

Bucard centrifuge suction fan

Backward fan is more efficient than forward fan. This system can suck well even when particles are in the system. This has no negative effect on the high efficiency of this system, it may be that it is designed for this purpose at all. This fan is completely silent. The impeller blades in the backward fan are in the opposite direction of the fan itself.

Radial Suction Centrifuge Fan (Radial)

In the radial fan, the blades are perpendicular to the channel path. That is, they are like the radius of the fan itself or the radius of the channel. These fans have a very good speed for suction of materials and particles and their efficiency is also high. The material of these fans has a great impact on their efficiency and can change the material to increase the quality of suction. In general, steel or galvanized metal fans have more noise than plastic fans such as PVC.

Axial suction fan

Axial fans are available in unprotected, shielded, condenser forms. See the image below.


Another type of fan is used for places such as large parking lots where car smoke pollutes the environment and they are known as parking jet fans. In places such as large tunnels, many cars pass through it. These fans are also used, in which case you see it as pipes in the roof. Like the image below.


The power of these fans is very high, which can clean all the volume of soot produced by cars there.


Jet parking fans work without the need for ducting. These fans can be remotely controlled, which rotate at a slower speed in times of less traffic, and have to rotate at greater speeds during busy times. This will both reduce the wear and tear of these fans and reduce energy consumption to some extent.

The number of blades of these fans can affect their suction power. Axial fans can be provided with metal or PVC frame according to the buyer’s order. The number of their blades can also be changed. Suction rate of suction fan and. Its suction speed is high and as a result it has a good efficiency.

Axial fan has both domestic and industrial applications. Therefore, both three-phase and single-phase are available in the market.

Important points in choosing a suction fan

Choosing and buying smelting furnaces and industrial fans is a precise job that we must pay attention to the opinion of the technical managers of the companies about them. But in general, when choosing a fan, we must pay attention to the following points.


What environment is the fan selected for. Is the environment acidic or alkaline? Is the metal corrosive or not? Are the materials flammable or explosive?

The size of the fan and the power of the electromoter to determine how much material it is supposed to suck are determined by the maximum and minimum of those materials.

Is the electricity connected to the suction fan industrial electricity (three-phase) or household electricity?

Fan installation location. Is the suction fan supposed to be inside the duct or closed chamber or will it be located in an open environment?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the use of a centrifugal suction fan?

Due to their high suction power, these fans can collect all the gases containing dust and prevent it from spreading.


What are the types of centrifugal fans?

The centrifuge fan is divided into two categories of suction and blower, each of which has three types of forwards, back inwards and radial.


What are the benefits of a suction centrifuge fan?

They work as a centrifugal force and can suck air dust without clogging the blades.

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